Tumbler Sample Kit

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The Submürge tumbler is perfect for growing out spat from 3 mm to fully grown oysters.

This unique design helps the oyster develop a uniform shape and increases the growth rate in the early stages of growing from a spat to an oyster. It also reduces the risk of over catch and fowling reducing the work load.

This kit includes:

One(1) – 3 by 3 mm mesh tube 410 mm Ø x Length 850 mm
Three(3) – 8 by 8 mm mesh tube 410 mm Ø x Length 850 mm
Four(4) – tumbler end caps(fixed)
Four(4) – tumbler end caps open + door
Eight(8) – snap clips
Eight(8) – 10 mm storm clips
Ten(10) – meters of 10 mm Zapco Typhoon Stormline

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