3mm tumbler set

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The Submürge tumbler is perfect for growing out spat from 3 mm to fully grown oysters.

This simple to assemble product is essential for outgrowing your spat.

  • Reduces spat mortality
  • Increases growth rates
  • Shapes the shell to perfection

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SKU: TUM001-3
All mesh tubes are manufactured using 95% environmentally friendly marine grade re-compounded recycled material.

Available in 2 Mesh Sizes

3*3mm (1/8*1/8 inches) mesh tube

8*8mm  (5/16*5/16 inches) mesh tube

Both the 3mm and 8mm tumbler are very easy to assemble.

Available Accessories

XL Storm clip with Lanyard

210m Tumbler line with Polypipes

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